Part II of “Rising From the Margins-Inglewood Unified” focuses on three essential elements needed for the Intensive Assistance Model to succeed at Highland Elementary: Leadership, Culture, and Coherence. Teachers engage in shared leadership to establish common language, continuous collaboration, and consistent communication. This allows them to discover and solve instructional challenges in real-time.

Key Highlights:

1. The Intensive Assistance Model is guided by key questions about student learning and teacher response.
2. Teachers value the increased collaboration time, sharing what works and what doesn’t.
3. The district prioritizes this collaboration, listening to what teachers need to be effective instructors.

As one Guiding Coalition teacher noted:

One of the things I’ve loved the most about it…is the collaboration piece. The focus is really on how everyone can collaborate with each other. And I think for so long with receivership and then COVID, so many teachers were acting in isolation. There wasn’t a lot of collaboration going on. And so everyone’s feeling so stretched doing all these extra things and yet not collaborating with other people…because some of the sharing is also things that don’t work, you know, so we can learn from those too…really trying to find time for teachers to have that collaboration time is our goal …so the school and the district making it a priority just means that it allows you to actually be able to do it. So I think the benefit to this collaboration time is the district is also listening in. What do teachers really need to learn and what are the tools and skills that they really need to be more effective instructors and teach the curriculum?

Call to Action:
The collaboration facilitated by the Intensive Assistance Model is key to teacher development and student success. School districts should follow Highland Elementary’s model by providing designated collaboration time for teachers. This allows for real-time problem solving and innovation through a shared leadership culture focused on student learning outcomes.

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