Episode Two of the inspiring podcast series Rising From The Margins centers on Highland Elementary in the Inglewood Unified School District, a beacon of hope and transformation amidst the challenging landscape of post-COVID-19 education.


  • The Journey of Highland Elementary: Discover how Highland Elementary, after receiving state emergency funds, embarked on a transformative journey under the Intensive Assistance Model (IAM), driven by the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence.
  • Shift to Local Control: Following the enactment of AB 1840, Highland Elementary experienced a significant shift in management, moving from a state-centric to a locally controlled approach. This change fostered new opportunities and challenges, reshaping the educational experience.
  • Leadership and Innovation: Under the combined leadership of Los Angeles County Superintendent Dr. Debra Duardo, County Administrator Dr. James Morris, and Chief Academic Officer Dr. Bernadette Lucas, the school has become a model of educational innovation.
  • Piloting Intensive Assistance Model: Led by Principal Mr. Jones, Highland Elementary’s pilot of the Intensive Assistance Model program is a case study in effective adaptation and implementation, with potential implications for district-wide adoption.
  • Teacher Leadership and Collaboration: The episode shines a spotlight on the critical role of teacher leadership, the power of collaboration, and the effectiveness of data-driven strategies in addressing the unique needs of students.

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