One System Collective


The One System Collective brings a collective group of state agency, county office of education, district, and SELPA leaders together to coordinate, integrate, and provide equity in access to the SSOS initiatives, increasing LEA accessibility of resources and supports to improve student outcomes for all students, including students with disabilities.

The 2023-24 Objectives include the following:

  • Finish the development of the CCEE Statewide Initiative Inventory which will serve as a centralized, searchable database of existing state-funded projects, grants, and initiatives, to assists COE’s, districts, charter schools, and SELPAs, to connect to resource that can help LEAs improved student outcomes, employ best practices, and facilitate improvement plans.
  • Cross agency and state initiatives coordination and collaboration

Leadership Team

  • Mindy Fattig, Senior Advisor, CCEE
  • Jasmine Hennessy, Program Specialist, CCEE
  • Vicki Barber, Consultant, CCEE

Executive Advisory Committee

  • Lucas Anderson, Executive Director, Prevention Supports and Services, Placer COE
  • Tamara Clay, Executive Director, Special Services/SELPA, El Dorado COE
  • Mary Ann Dewan, Ph.D, County Superintendent of Schools, Santa Clara COE
  • Michael Lombardo, Executive Director, Prevention Supports and Services, Placer COE
  • Julie Montali, Ph.D,Executive Director, Early Learning, Sacramento COE 
  • Kevin Schaefer, Director of Equity and Inclusion Practices for the Supporting Inclusive Practices (SIP) Project, El Dorado COE
  • Jennie Snyder, Ed.D, Deputy Superintendent, Educational Support Services & Sonoma COE Geo Lead, Sonoma COE
  • Anissa Sonnenburg, Educational Administrator, System of Support Office, CDE
  • Troy Tickle, Assistant Superintendent, Placer County SELPA
  • Kristin Wright, Executive Director of Equity, Diversity, Early Intervention, and Support Services, Sacramento COE

If you have any questions, please contact Mindy Fattig, Senior Advisor at [email protected].

Two products of this group include the Basic Levers Assessment which is focused on system change with intention to specifically improve outcomes for Students with Disabilities (SWD). Levers for System Change is focused on system change more generally, inclusive of all students.