Embark on a journey into the transformative impact of the Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) in California, explored through the principles of the Dual Capacity-Building Framework and the Participatory Systems Change for Equity Approach. This session navigates the pivotal role of capacity building in fostering meaningful conversations and relationships within communities and districts, emphasizing trust and mutual respect for enhanced pupil outcomes, utilizing real-life case studies from CEI.

Delving into the Participatory Systems Change for Equity Approach, the session highlights the significance of peer-to-peer partnerships in driving systemic change, focusing on building robust networks between school districts and communities to address educational disparities. Attendees will glean strategies to cultivate and sustain such partnerships in their own contexts.

In the session’s final segment, explore CEI’s statewide efforts in scaling effective practices for community engagement, drawing insights from the Peer Leading and Learning Network (PLLN) and how these initiatives can be expanded for broader community involvement and integrated into continuous improvement endeavors.


David Toston, Senior Advisor, CCEE

Amber Valdez, Senior Program Associate, WestEd


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