In the 2022-2023 school year, the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE) introduced the Data Research Learning Network (DRLN) aimed at transforming data and assessment practices in districts across California. The DRLN, structured into three strands, emphasizes Deeper Learning, Data Review, and Data Dashboards to enhance educational strategies.

As part of the Deeper Learning strand, Rincon Valley Union School District (RVUSD) shared their experiences in cultivating a more balanced assessment system, particularly focusing on formative assessment practices in mathematics. The session dissected the crucial elements of a Balanced Assessment System and the role of Formative Assessments, underlining coherence, comprehensiveness, and continuity as key features.

RVUSD leaders detailed their journey of re-balancing the assessment system, starting with a needs assessment and action plan, shedding light on the pivotal role of formative assessments in math. Attendees gained a toolkit for Balanced Assessment Systems and access to CCEE’s MicroLearning courses, providing valuable resources for their own educational innovation.

RVUSD’s research, a part of CCEE’s Data Research Learning Network, concentrated on formative assessment in mathematics, drawing insights on enhancing assessment systems based on the collaborative work with the Center for Assessment. The DRLN serves as a conduit for sharing these innovative experiences to inspire and guide other districts venturing on their innovation journeys.


Ingrid Roberson, Assistant Director, Research Learning, CCEE

Dorcas Kong, Senior Specialist, Executive Projects, CCEE

Hilary Kjaer, Director, Teaching and Learning, RVUSD

Tasha Lopez, Teacher on Special Assignment, RVUSD


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