This session highlights Sanger Unified School District and San Ramon Valley Unified School District’s pioneering work in developing customized data dashboards to drive student success, emphasizing data literacy and real-time interventions. Learn about their strategies for comprehensive data systems aiding instructional decisions and their unique approaches to data visualization for targeted interventions. Additionally, the session covered best practices from the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE) on measuring dashboard impact and fostering data engagement, ensuring participants gain insights into building and implementing assessment dashboards effectively. The participants of this event engaged through roundtable discussions, live demonstrations, and interactive tools to deepen their understanding and application of data-driven strategies.


Allan Taing, Senior Manager, CCEE

Nhi Hang, Program Specialist, CCEE

Thomas Soto, Director, Educational Services, SUSD

Katie Gault, Coordinator, Data and Assessment, SUSD

Kit Bragg, Director, Assessment Research and Evaluation, SRVUSD

Ramma Ravi, Educational Services Technical Analyst, SRVUSD


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