The Ways 2 Equity Playbook, a navigational tool for districts and school sites to use on their equity journey, was launched by Santa Clara County Office of Education in September 2020. The Ways 2 Equity Playbook is the culminating project of the CA1: Highway to Success for All, which SCCOE (one of two State Equity Leads) developed utilizing funds from the California Equity Performance Improvement Program. This session will provide an overview of how this tool was developed, details on the Playbook design process, how to access and use the Playbook for your own equity journey and share additional tools and resources within the Playbook.

Primary Presenter
Kathy Wahl - Santa Clara COE
Sung Park - Santa Clara COE
Kelly Wylie - Santa Clara COE
Demerris Brooks - Santa Clara COE

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LEA Leadership

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Continuous Improvement, English Learners, Equity, Family and Community Engagement, LCAP, Social-Emotional Well-being, Special Education


African American Students, Communication, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, data, System of Support, Technology