Wraparound Support (AB 1840)

The Help You Need, When You Need It

Under a special state legislative statute (AB 1840), a Local Educational Agency (LEA) can automatically be referred to the CCEE for Wraparound Support if the LEA is receiving an emergency apportionment (state loan) because it is fiscally insolvent.

The CCEE may then conduct a Systemic Instructional Review and coordinate the resources needed to stabilize and improve the situation by providing targeted support.

When the CCEE Provides Wraparound Support

  • Our agency collaborates with the LEA’s county office of education (COE) and the California Department of Education (CDE) throughout the process to engage as a team.
  • If CCEE provides support, a Systemic Instructional Review is conducted.
  • Engagement with the CCEE focuses on building capacity, leveraging content expertise and collaborative teaming.
  • The CCEE utilizes an asset-based and continuous improvement process.

The following illustrates how the CCEE works alongside the CDE and COEs help provide Wraparound Support.

Special Circumstance: Wraparound Support

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