What is California’s System of Support for Education?

The California System of Support is a crucial component of the state’s accountability and continuous improvement system, whose guiding principles include equity and local control.

Encompassing entities at all levels, the System of Support is designed to intentionally connect local educational agencies (LEAs), county offices of education (COEs), school districts and charter schools to a network of Lead Agencies (often housed within designated county offices) that offer expertise, programs, and resources to equip local educators with the skills and knowledge to uncover their own solutions. The System of Support also includes many stakeholders, such as advocates, community-based organizations and statewide associations to support LEAs.

The overarching goal of the System of Support is to address inequities and build capacity of LEAs to improve teaching and learning over time, address achievement gaps, and strengthen  outreach and collaboration with their stakeholders.

System of Support Evaluation Plan

For the past year, CCEE has been working with RTI as an outside evaluator to design a comprehensive evaluation plan for the System of Support and begin the process of collecting data for Year 1. The evaluation data from the Statewide System of Support, Geographic Leads, SELPA Leads, and Community Engagement Initiative will help the state and lead agencies understand the impact of connections between state, lead and local agencies, information sharing, collaboration among the state and lead agencies, and facilitation of continuous improvement and equity at the COE and LEA level. CCEE is using the data to cultivate effective practices and shape a culture of continuous improvement and equity within the System of Support as we collaborate with CDE and our lead agency partners.