CCEE’s Hot Topics Blog Update: Madera Unified’s journey to implementing the Intensive Assistance Model of PLCs with the CCEE.

Featured Topic – This week Todd Lile, Superintendent of Madera Unified School District, and Adalberto Hernandez, Principal at Washington Elementary in Madera USD presented how their work has been progressing with the Intensive Assistance Model in partnership with CCEE. Washington Elementary School is one of 8 schools in 5 districts across the State engaged in this work. This work is focused on job-embedded coaching focused on developing Leadership, English Language Arts, Mathematics, English Language Development and PLCs with over 130 onsite coaching for teachers and leaders.

Statewide Context: This model has the potential to be a statewide professional development model for districts.

Call to Action: See the power point presentation from Principal, Adalberto Hernandez on how their school is using this model to track student performance and results.

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