The California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE), in partnership with Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and other organizations, is hosting “open door” sessions to showcase innovative ideas and best practices from educational practitioners. These sessions aim to highlight effective tools, resources, and strategies based on the Whole Child Design Framework to support student learning.

The open door sessions provide a platform for county office and district staff across the state to learn from each other and connect further through smaller “Special Interest Group” sessions. Presenters from LEAs will be available to address specific questions and share their experiences.

Upcoming sessions include:

  • April 9: San Bernardino County Office of Education (SBCSS) will share their journey in improving student progress tracking in reading and math. Participants will learn about creating a secure portal for interactive reports, collaborating with assessment vendors, and developing infrastructure for collecting and storing multi-year assessment data.
  • April 30: Ethel Phillips Elementary School in Sacramento City Unified will review their implementation of the “whole-child” approach and considerations for site level leaders. This session will also review the latest report by The Center for Whole-Child Education “Strengthening Coherence Across Initiatives: A Whole-Child Lens,” discuss best practices, and provide actionable tips for promoting coherence in educational communities.

To access materials from past sessions, visit the CCEE Resource Center.

For information on upcoming Open Door sessions, check the Open Door Event Calendar.

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