Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) is a statewide initiative in California that is dedicated to improving the relationships between Local Educational Agencies (LEAs), such as school districts, charter schools, and county offices of education, and their local communities. Administered by the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence and the San Diego County Office of Education, CEI partners with Eskolta School Research and Design and the University of San Diego to bring about positive change in our education system.

What’s in Store for Cohort V?
As a member of Cohort V, you will have the unique opportunity to engage with passionate educators and community leaders from across the state. CEI hosts a series of in-person and online gatherings throughout the year, where you’ll lead and learn from your peers on a wide range of community engagement topics and strategies. Plus, we’ve got you covered with travel costs and an additional stipend for your valuable participation!

Ready to Take the Next Step?
For all the details on the application process, requirements, commitments, deadlines, and the fantastic benefits of joining CEI, please visit our website by clicking on the button below. 

Feel free to share this exciting news with colleagues, friends, and anyone who might be interested in joining Cohort V of the Community Engagement Initiative. Together, we can create meaningful change and strengthen the bond between education and communities in our state.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our shared mission.

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