CCEE’s Hot Topics Blog Update: Exciting News: Launch of CCEE Statewide System of Support Directory!

We are thrilled to unveil a comprehensive and user-friendly tool that is set to revolutionize the way educational support is accessed across California – the CCEE Statewide System of Support (SSOS) searchable directory!

A Unified Resource Hub

For the first time ever, we are bringing together a plethora of vital contact information, spanning state, regional, county, and local LEA levels, all under one digital roof. This initiative is a giant leap towards ensuring equity and seamless access to the Statewide System of Support, ultimately enhancing student outcomes throughout the vibrant state of California.

Navigate with Ease

Navigating through the directory is a breeze! For initiatives with specific geographic support regions such as Geographic Leads, Regional English Learners, and the Educator Workforce Investment Grant, a simple click will reveal the counties served by each lead, providing you with the exact information you need, right when you need it.

Keeping Information Current

We understand that change is constant, and keeping information up-to-date is crucial. Should you come across any details that need a refresh, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Melissa Hodgson at [email protected]. Your proactive approach ensures that we are always in sync and ready to serve with accuracy and efficiency.

Spread the Word

The power of community cannot be overstated. We encourage you to share the directory far and wide within your educational networks. By doing so, we collectively amplify the reach of the outstanding work and support available through the SSOS, fostering an environment where every student in California has the opportunity to thrive.

A Tool for Impact

We are optimistic and excited about the potential impact of this directory on student achievement. By granting easier access to the vast array of supports and services offered by the SSOS, we are taking a significant step forward in our collective journey toward educational excellence.

Call to Action

Join us in celebrating this milestone and help us spread the word. Together, let’s continue to nurture and support the educational landscape of California, ensuring a brighter, more equitable future for all students. Explore the CCEE Statewide System of Support directory today and discover the world of support at your fingertips!

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