Statewide System of Support Working Group


The Statewide System of Support (SSOS) Working Group, composed of an extensive and diverse array of members including COE Superintendents, SBE staff, CDE staff, and more, is focused on enhancing the SSOS to provide better resources and support to LEAs. Their mission centers on closing opportunity gaps and elevating student achievement. Key areas of concentration revolve around understanding and refining intensive support and resources, ensuring there’s clarity in definitions and expectations, and aligning operational practices among various providers and agencies.

Key Highlights:

  • Diverse Membership: The SSOS Working Group boasts members from different educational bodies including COE Superintendents, SBE staff, CDE staff, and others. Furthermore, there’s an Ad Hoc Committee advising the group, with Superintendents from five different counties.

  • Defined Goals: The group’s principal aim is to provide coordinated, needs-based, and distinct resources/support to LEAs, with an emphasis on closing opportunity gaps and promoting achievement.

  • Language Calibration: There’s a collective comprehension that intensive service extends beyond academics, covering governance, leadership, and other pivotal areas.

  • Technical Clarity & Alignment: A push for common language and expectations regarding intensive service is evident. State agencies are striving for better coordination in their provision of intensive services and resources.

  • Statutory Understanding: State lead agency partners have a grip on the technical elements of the statute, with an eye towards long-term LCAP goal realization.

LEAs Benefiting from These Resources Can Expect:

The advancements and endeavors of the SSOS Working Group have direct implications for TK-12 schools and districts. With their comprehensive approach to resource enhancement and support refinement, their insights promise to elevate district-level practices. By aligning with their recommendations, you’re positioning your district at the vanguard of educational advancements. Their mission to close opportunity gaps and boost student achievement is pivotal. Stay informed and utilize their findings to drive excellence in your district. Your students deserve the best; ensure you’re leveraging the expertise of the SSOS Working Group. Engage and thrive!

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Chris Hartley, Deputy Executive Director at [email protected].