Across the state, dozens of school districts (and some charter schools and county offices of education) have convened their communities to create a Graduate Profile to more holistically and equitably define student success. Once developed, a Graduate Profile serves as a lever for change that leads to a renewed vision and definition of the college and career-ready student, supports the whole child approach to learning, serves as an impetus for shifting instructional practices and engaging students in deeper learning, and requires a shift in assessments that provide students authentic ways to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. The result of this transformation is a learning process that is more equitable, student-centered, and competency-based. In this session, you’ll learn how these Graduate Profiles serve as a driver for a renewed vision, improved equity, deeper learning, and student agency.


Roman Stearns, Executive Director, Scaling Student Success

Rody Boonchouy, Superintendent, Winters Joint Unified School District

Christine Olmstead, Assistant Superintendent, Vista Unified School District

Olympia Kyriakidis, Senior Director of Multilingual Education and Global Achievement, San Diego COE




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