The session, led by Los Angeles County Office of Education is dedicated to addressing the increasing integration of AI in education. It highlights the necessity for ethical and responsible AI usage guidelines, detailing the support provided to LA County’s districts through symposiums, collaborations, and professional development. The task force, comprising diverse members, aims to develop these crucial guidelines. The session also covers a needs assessment survey to understand stakeholder perspectives on AI in education, offering insights on replication strategies for similar initiatives.

This session includes a 45-minute presentation and a 15-minute open Q&A. You can also sign up for a follow-up Special Interest Group (SIG) session on 3/29/2024 to take a deeper, more contextualized look at AI in your school or district by emailing our Program Specialist, Sehrish Anjum, at [email protected]


Jose R. Gonzalez – Chief Technology Officer

Elizabeth Graswich – Executive Director of Public Affairs & Communications

Christopher Hoang – Assistant Director, Technology Innovation and Outreach