At Hope Elementary School District, our success is driven by our commitment to transparency, data-driven decision-making, and empowering our students to take ownership of their educational journey. At Hope Elementary, we firmly believe that transparency in data is the cornerstone of academic excellence. By openly sharing and analyzing data, we foster a collaborative environment where educators, parents, and students work together to identify strengths, address challenges, and celebrate achievements. We empower our students to take an active role in their learning by encouraging them to be active participants in the data collection process, enabling them to set personal goals, track progress, and take pride in their academic growth. With transparency, data-driven decision-making, and student ownership of their data at the heart of our approach, the Hope Elementary School District is dedicated to nurturing a community of lifelong learners and fostering a bright future for all our students.


Melanie Matta, Superintendent/Principal, Hope Elementary School District

Flor Martinez, 5th/6th Grade Math and Science Teacher, Hope Elementary School District

Samantha Alonzo, 7th/8th Grade ELA and History Teacher, Hope Elementary School District

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Individual Growth Chart

Student Goal Setting Form (template)

6th Grade SMI Reflection Forms (Template)

5th Grade SMI Reflection Forms (Template)

6th Grade SMI – Individual Progress Student Reflection

5th Grade SMI – Individual Progress Student Reflection

IAB Pre Assessment (Template)

Student Data Tracker (Template)

Independent Reading Tracker

SRI Individual Progress Reflection