Systemic Instructional Review


When a Local Educational Agency (LEA), including COE, is experiencing chronic systemic challenges and requires assistance, and at times affirmation, of the root causes and a plan on where to begin systemic changes. With capacity building for sustainability as a base, the SIR creates a laser-like focus with the LEA on instruction and continuous improvement. In collaboration with the LEA, their COE, and other partner agencies recommendations will be developed into a SIR action plan that targets the increase of quality instruction and student outcomes. In addition, the SIR process will provide support to the LEA to further strengthen members in order to sustain the work needed for systemic changes.


The Systemic Instructional Review (SIR) is a Pre-K through 12 instructional comprehensive assessment (academic and social emotional) of the LEAs instructional systems, progress of state requirements, and implementation of teaching and learning practices in order to successfully meet the needs of all learners. The Systemic Instructional Review will culminate in a SIR action plan that will receive ongoing progress monitoring and support from the CCEE as needed by the LEA.

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