Systemic Instructional Review


When a Local Educational Agency (LEA), a district, or charter school, is experiencing chronic systemic challenges and the county office has exhausted its ongoing support and resources through the Differentiated Assistance process, the CCEE in partnership with the local COE provides Direct Technical Assistance to the districts or charter through the SIR process, providing the LEA an analysis of their instructional systems. The SIR aims to identify what improvement strategies may help the LEA ensure that every student is making academic progress and social and emotional growth, so they will be prepared to thrive as their best self.


The Systemic Instructional Review (SIR) is a Pre-K through 12 comprehensive analysis of the Local Educational Agency (LEAs) instructional systems (academic and social emotional) and implementation of teaching, learning, and leading practices. Educational partners at multiple levels (students, families, teachers, school site staff and administration, governance members, and district office leadership) are involved throughout the data collection process.

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