Statewide policy leaders are focusing on a literacy series to support the coherence and implementation of statewide literacy initiatives. The landscape of literacy initiatives across California presents many opportunities for ways to make the supports, resources, and lessons learned from each of the Literacy Leads accessible to every LEA in California.  

The attached presentations were presented by the CCEE and California Department of Education as a way to help ground understanding of the various literacy initiatives across the state. 

These presentations will help you to more broadly understand the investments of the state when it comes to building a coherent literacy plan, know who the state leads are for literacy, and will provide guiding questions for what state leaders are grappling with when it comes to building a coherent statewide plan.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

California Landscape of Literacy Initiatives, Stephanie Gregson, Deputy Executive Director, CCEE

Dr. Stephanie Gregson’s presentation offers an in-depth look at the landscape of literacy initiatives in California, emphasizing connections, leverage opportunities, and ensuring that the resources and lessons from these initiatives are accessible to all Local Education Agencies (LEA). The presentation also underscores a call to action for education leaders to support the coherence of statewide literacy initiatives, referencing frameworks, new standards, and the establishment of a statewide community of practice.

Statewide Literacy Office Updates, Nancy Brynelson and Bonnie Garcia, Co-Directors Statewide Literacy Leads, California Department of Education

Nancy Brynelson and Bonnie Garcia, Co-Directors of Statewide Literacy Leads at the California Department of Education, presented their mission to implement a statewide literacy campaign, aiming to ensure all students in California are proficient readers by third grade and fully literate by high school graduation. Their initiative includes promoting evidence-based literacy instruction, aligning literacy efforts across levels, addressing equity gaps, and collaborating with statewide organizations, with efforts such as the “Recentering California’s ELA/ELD Framework Webinar Series.”

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